Burning Calories through Ordinary House Chores


It is a known fact that most weight-losing methods are expensive. Gym membership fees, equipment costs, instructional video tapes, as well as special ingredients for one’s diet are but some of the expenditures of a person aspiring to lose weight.

Studies show, however, that one does not need to spend as much in going to gyms and doing special exercises to lose weight. For example, did you know that everyday house cleaning chores can actually burns calories? Here are some of the tasks usually taken for granted, but can actually serve as the key to that gorgeous, fit body.

Gardening – Put your grubbiest outfit and dig that dirt! Working on your garden for 30 minutes will burn a whopping 140 calories. No wonder Martha Stewart is thin.

Washing dishes – Among the most abhorred chores, washing the dishes prove to be worthy after all. Doing it for 15 minutes will burn 33 calories. Well, will you look at that?

Grocery shopping – Having a migraine over skyrocketing costs of grocery items? Don’t worry. Pushing that cart and reaching over those shelves for an hour burns 210 calories. Now that’s a value-added shopping experience.

House cleaning – Here’s a new thought for those who just hate cleaning up your crib’s mess. House cleaning for a couple of hours actually burns 421 calories. Spread this out to all moms and every house will be spotless in no time!

Doing laundry – Washing out those dirty linens proves to be more beneficial than what you think – it burns 124 calories an hour! Who’s up for a laundry business, then?

Ironing – Why don’t you go two for two? After doing laundry, iron those dry clothes for an hour and burn 132 calories! Tell your teens this amazing fact and don’t be surprised if they volunteer to take the ironing duty out of your hands.

There are a lot more chores that prove to be calorie-burners. The trick of this slimming trade is carry out the activity for a longer time and you will burn more calories.

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